New Site and Keeping it Simple

I have let my thirst of wanting to know more, learn new technologies, and becoming a better developer become an obstacle for my personal website. Well, that will no longer be the case.

My personal website has not had a lot of attention because I honestly can’t stand the sight of it any more. Yes, it looks fine and it works, but I know that I can do better. I have progressed significantly as a developer since that site was built, and I now don’t even enjoy updating it.

I have had some crazy ideas for this website, including making it a flashy single-page-app with lots of cool animations, but I have to get better with that technology before I embark on something that ambitious. That is why this website will be using the Twenty Sixteen theme for a while with minimal plugins. I am going to focus on creating content, and not letting other things get in the way.

2 thoughts on “New Site and Keeping it Simple”

  1. Hey Nate, I was at the same place with my personal site recently but since I have been on the track of creating Progressive Web Apps and letting Google get in my head I chose to use a theme that uses the Material design pattern from Google. Google, Angular, PWAs … oh my! I’m excited to see what new things you have for your site in the days to follow. One thing you may want to consider is adding a “Now” page. I just added one to my personal site / blog at I got the concept from

    It would be handy for anybody wanting to keep up with you.

    1. That theme looks really nice! I like the minimalism and the use of whitespace. Material Design is something I admire, for sure. The new YouTube UI, for example is amazing.

      The now page is an interesting concept. I may contemplate adding one to my site.

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