WordCamp Sacramento 2017 Recap

Pushing myself past my comfort zone.

I think that this was a pretty common theme for me at WordCamp Sacramento. I did so many things that I am not the most comfortable with, mostly involving speaking in front of people.

One of the sessions that I attended was not like anything else I had ever done. The session was a structured networking session led by Jennifer Bourn. She had us split up into groups of ten, and each person had 60 seconds to speak. Some examples of things to talk about were:

  • Why are you here?
  • What kind of result do you produce for your clients?
  • What could help you right now?

I’m paraphrasing here, but you get the general idea. After the tenth person in your group has spoken, you are free to exchange business cards.

This was my first time speaking at a conference. My talk was titled “The Benefits of Vanilla JavaScript (for the jQuery Developer)”. I honestly do not think that my actual talk could have gone much better. This experience definitely makes me want to do something like this again.

There were so many amazing sessions, but like any WordCamp, I was not able to attend every single session that interested me. Some of the incredible sessions were Treighton Mauldin speaking on how his agency is using WordPress as a headless CMS, Aaron D. Campbell talking about the importance of the open and free web, and Justin Busa talking about the considerations of building a plugin that over half a million people use.

I want to thank ServerPress, the company behind DesktopServer for lodging and the best breakfast I have had in the state of California (I was born and raised in Missouri, home to some amazing breakfast spots) and also to AnHonestHost for a delicious steak dinner.