Nate Conley Web Developer

I'm Nate, a web developer, home cooking enthusiast, and musician based on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I am also a husband, dog lover, and I love to swim, snorkel, and explore this beautiful island.

Web Developer Nate

I have been working as an agency developer since 2016. While I started out primarily working with front end technologies, agency work has exposed me to the full stack, working with WordPress APIs, PHP, and MySQL.

Front-End Web Development

I have experience crafting front ends using the following technologies:

My approach is to consider the user and how they will navigate an interface. I approach front-end development with accessibility in mind.

WordPress Development

I have experience with all aspects of WordPress development, including:

I have experience in building custom solutions and extending existing solutions.

When working with WordPress, my approach is to find logical solutions for clients. Sometimes this means configuring off-the-shelf plugins, but other times this means creating abstraction layers over existing APIs.

Other Technologies

This site is built using the Next.js framework, which has been a joy to work with. For posts, this site queries a WordPress backend via GraphQL (using the amazin WP GraphQL plugin).

I have experience working with git in a collaborative environment.

For build tooling, I tend to reach for Parcel nowadays when I need to configure from scratch.

Home Cook Nate

I started cooking as a kid, using the toaster and microwave to make some of my favorite childhood snacks. Throught the years I have binged food-related content and have started collecting cookbooks, appliances, and other cooking gear.

I am largely self taught with books and videos. My "professional" kitchen experience amounts to my high school job at a McDonald's and my college job when I worked the fryer and delivered food for a "Chinese" restaurant.

A turning point in my journey as a home cook was the first season of Mind of a Chef. That show changed the way I viewed food and cooking.

I love everything from Julia Child and Jacques Pepin recipes, to cooking brisket or pizza outdoors.

Musician Nate

I have played drums and percussion since I was ten years old. I continued throughout high school and studied percussion in college.

Today, I primarily play drums, but have started to dabble in guitar, ukulele, and keyboard.